November 30, 2021

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3 Instant Cough Syrups You Can Make Even Without Herbs

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Grandma wrapped her hands and asked what fruit I could still pick from home juices: “You should have thought about it during the summer, herbs don’t grow now.” However, as a good grandmother, she never left me alone and revealed some recipes I can make without a garden, all I have to do is quickly hop to the store.

Ginger miracle

Did you start coughing? A visit to the doctor is very complicated at the moment, so if you know that you can handle the first cough on your own, a simple ginger miracle will help you.

ginger syrup

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What do we need?

ginger It has anti-inflammatory effects. It prevents the body from forming substances that block the bronchi. At the same time, it prevents coughing and raises the temperature, thanks to which toxins are expelled from the body.

With Relieves sore throat pain. So if you can’t sleep for a cough, just one teaspoon and you’ll feel better.

Lemon It is famous for containing a high percentage of vitamin C, which strengthens immunity and helps the body fight infections. In addition, it breaks down mucus and because it also has a diuretic effect, it forces your body to eliminate toxins.


  • 1 ginger root
  • 2 organic lemons
  • With
  • Flavorings: a pinch of ground cinnamon

Definitely peel store-bought ginger root and chop it into small slices. Wash the lemon well and cut it into rings. We alternately store them in a smaller jam glass, and finally sprinkle with cinnamon and pour honey.

Leave the mixture for several hours, during which the ingredients are well mixed and honey, ginger and lemon juice are absorbed, then introduce a tablespoon every four hours. If you don’t have a strong ginger taste, you can pour hot (not boiling) water over the mixture. I personally recommend mixing it with warm peppermint tea.

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The ginger miracle lasts in the refrigerator for two months. However, at home, it is dumped on the kitchen table so that we do not forget about it, and we earn it for each tea. It expires in a week, but you don’t need to eat it more than that.

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Get out of here

thymian Most families have it in their kitchen. However, not only did the grandmothers use it as a flavoring, they also reached for it even when they felt mucus was sitting on the bronchi. Essential oils of thyme effectively dissolve it, thanks to which you can get rid of an annoying and painful cough faster.

TymianovĂ˝ sirup

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  • Dried thyme (14 g Kutani)
  • 100 grams of brown sugar
  • 100 gm bee honey

Dissolve brown sugar in 250 ml of water to make a syrup, and bring to a boil over low heat. After 20 minutes, add the thyme. Remove the mixture from the heat and let it soak (preferably overnight). We pass the cooled syrup through a tea strainer or gauze and pour it into a clean container, to which we add honey.

We do not recommend drinking this drink late in the evening, as a cough can deprive you of a healing sleep. To obtain the expected effect, one teaspoon three times a day is enough – in tea or separately.

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Kill all flies with one hit

Onion. Together with garlic, we can easily classify them as a Slovakian superfood. Its stocks should not be missing in any home – you never know what you are going to use this versatile raw material for. It contains substances that can comprehensively care for the health of the whole organism. If you make onion syrup yourself during a cold, it will cleanse your mouth and nasal cavity, relieve sore throat and dissolve mucus.

onion drink

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  • 1 medium onion
  • 1 organic lemon
  • With
  • Flavors: cloves, ground cinnamon
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Peel the onion and lemon and cut into thin circles. We will prepare a three-dimensional cup of jam, in which we put everything in order: a lemon wheel, an onion wheel, a honey spoon. Repeat until solid or void components are gone. Close the mixture and leave it for two to three hours.

During this time, all the juices and honey are mixed inside the cup. Mix and serve only liquid syrup on a tablespoon. Again, we can enjoy it on our own or in tea or warm water, but up to a maximum of six spoonfuls per day.

Text: Ivana Ruhalova
Photo: isifa / Shutterstock