January 27, 2022

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28 people have died of coronavirus in a nursing home in Germany

28 people have died of coronavirus in a nursing home in Germany

According to the county office that owns the town of Rudolstadt in the German state of Thuringia, a third of the home’s 140-plus residents have not been vaccinated. There have been reports of this case several times in the past few days: On Friday, December 3, the district office reported 18 deaths.

The case sparked reactions across Germany over the weekend. The future health minister, Karl Lauterbach, reacted to the situation with shocking, calling it “complete nonsense”. According to the Thuringian Ministry of Health, the house has received enough offers to vaccinate clients.

This may be the reason for refusing the vaccination

The spokesman said that the tragic events were due to the conscious refusal of vaccination by the residents themselves and their relatives. However, a group of Free Democratic Party (FDP) members in the regional parliament in Thuringia are criticizing the central federal government’s plans to require mandatory vaccinations for nursing home employees.

“If we do that, we risk that people who are particularly vulnerable to infection will be let down by a false sense of security.” Thomas Kemrich, representative of the aforementioned group of deputies, explained on Tuesday.

Currently, 83 percent of 60s in Thuringia are vaccinated. This is where we should start, Kimmrich said. “Our motto should be: Let’s get the right people!” he added. The Free Democratic Party is part of the three-member coalition that forms the central government in Berlin with the German Social Democratic Party (SPD) and the Green Party.

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