January 16, 2022

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2022 World Cup Qualifiers: Slovakia – Slovenia 1: 1

Yesterday 22:35

The Slovak national football team tied 1:1 in the 2022 World Cup Group H match on Wednesday. She scored the sixth point in the ranking table in the fourth performance, and she was the only one who did not taste the bitterness of losing.

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Róbert Boženík sent Stefan Tarkovic to the front in Ljubljana in the 32nd minute.

The Slovaks play the next two qualifying matches at home, on Saturday 4 September at 20.45 pm they will play against Croatia and on Tuesday 7 September at 20.45 pm against Cyprus. Both will take place at Tehelna Pole in Bratislava. Ten group winners will make their way to the tournament in Qatar, and teams from other places will go to the draw.

H group:

Slovenia – Slovakia 1: 1 (1: 1)

Objectives: 42. Stojanovic – 32. Poznik

ŽK: Ilicic, Shirin – Schranz, Duda. Judges: Kovacs-Marinescu, Artin (all rum)

Slovenia: Oblak – Stojanovic, Blasic, Mivlija, Balkovic – Stolac (Stankovic 70), Zaek (Seren 70) – Ilicic, Lovrich (Begol 83), Malakar (57 Krnigog) – Cisko (Sporar 83).

Slovakia: Indigenous people – Bikarik, Chatka, Shkriniar, Holbek – Lobotka – Schranz (76. Strelec), Hamšík, Kucka (90. Duda), Weiss (64. Mak) – Boženík (76. Koscelník)

Already in the second minute, Rudak had to make a dangerous cross from the wing, which was directed into the tower by the local striker Šeška. For long minutes, it was a unique offensive action. Both teams built their game on an attentive defense and the tactical battle initially did not bring excitement in front of the gates. In the 18th minute after Schranz’s foul, the Slovenes had the opportunity to open the score with a direct kick from a good distance from behind the penalty area, but Lovrech shot high above it. The Slovaks were soon able to answer after Kuck’s procedure with Lobotek, but Boženík did not make it to the end. After 29 minutes of play, Lobotka evened things out for Kuck with a superb goal in the middle. Three minutes later, the Slovenian goalkeeper was helpless, beating him after a sharp Weiss header pass Boženík – 0: 1. The match gained scores after a quiet start. The visitors continued to press for an equaliser when Schranz broke through the middle after 37 minutes and found himself alone with the goalkeeper. The Slovaks were lucky in the 40th minute, when Malakar tangled the ball between his legs in front of an empty goal. The efforts of the locals finally settled down before they left for the dressing room. Stojanovic brilliantly ran behind the back of the defense and beat Rudak – 1: 1. In the end, he tried to catch the attention of Slovak goalkeeper Štulac with a shot from 25 meters.

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At the start of the second quarter, he was able to regain the lead of Cook, who headed the crossbar after Hamsik’s corner kick. At the other end of the field, Stojanovic mistook the ball well into a slip. The Slovaks tried to be active in the forward direction, but many promising actions after easy losses to the opponent’s ball did not reach the end. Škriniar had a great opportunity to score another goal for Hamšík in the 67th minute, but he shot the ball just over the bar. The home team took a 1 – 0 lead after 74 minutes, thanks to a breakthrough by Lovričov, who scored with a superb shot from the right after a cross pass. Six minutes later he had plenty of space in front of Ilicic’s penalty area, but fortunately for the visitors sent a long ball to his teammate and the opportunity wasn’t there. Šporar’s header did not catch Šatka and at the opposite end Maka’s shot, which did not hit the ball and was only shot by Oblak’s hands. Neither team was in unnecessary danger with the game’s heightened end, and the two teams’ draws still carry the promotion match to the World Championship in Qatar.

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