January 29, 2022

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2022 World Cup qualifiers – Slovakia – Croatia 0: 1. Analyze it by Ladislav Borbeli

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After the best performance of the last two years and a well-balanced match, the Slovak footballers lost to favorite Croats 0:1. Ladislav Borbély, expert and head of the Slovak Football Coaches Association, evaluated the match and the chance of promotion in the 2022 World Cup and the national team from a long-term perspective of ŠPORT .sk.

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If we have a high quality finishing device…

Slovakia did not get a point from a balanced match against Croatia after a good performance. why?

The answer is simple.. We suffer from Spinal Insufficiency Syndrome. We have a hole in an average attacker’s shaft like after a meteor impact. The position is very important for the result, the striker finishes the efforts of the whole team. If we had a good player yesterday, the result would be different. I’m sure of that.

Boženík was not defeated and his growth slowed. He has striker instincts, they woke up header in Slovenia. Everything else was weak. He showed it against the Croats, when he reached two goal positions.

He read the game one time weaker and the second time he technically couldn’t finish. These opportunities must change internationally. To do so, he finds the energy to cheer fans up theatrically, and instead has to focus on focusing on performance.”

Is Boženík a long-term solution to number one if he succeeds at the club?

“Yes, she has the ability to do that. I trust him to take charge and complete the development of his players. He needs to radically increase his match training, no talent has yet become a good footballer on the bench. Same goes for the bow.”

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Schranz, who I prioritize over the Croats, is not an average striker for you?

“No. He is effective, but by coming off the flank, not by moving on the tip. He has excellent acceleration, but because of the classification he does not play heavy balls on the tip under the immediate pressure of the trackers. He did not play against the Croats, it reflected as if from the wall “.

Is Slovakia currently more dangerous with Poznik or Schranz?

“Both had a chance and we saw it in the current situation without either of them. We don’t have a third alternative, the more difficult the coach Tarkovic will work. It’s a shame, because in other squads we had exclusive things in places and he defeated the Croats in this match.”

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The attack was no longer a coincidence. We need this Lobotka

What are the advantages compared to the performance in the previous months?

“The team game has changed, the attack is no longer in the background and it is not about chance. We opened the game well under Škriniar. He performs above par as a benchmark, he is an absolute leader and always one of the pillars of the team.

A positive Lobotka item has been added to it. He lost football, but found himself again and revitalized his self-confidence. We want and need just like Lobotka. Although he is still not in perfect condition and has to add some aspects of the game to match Škriniar’s quality.

When he is in good shape, he plays confidently under pressure even in dangerous areas and breaks the opponent’s defense with offensive exits. When the game opens, it creates a connection with more offensive soccer players, and in a constructive triangle with Hamšík and Kuck, they give the game a face.

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In the first half against Croatia, Mac joined them beautifully and we had a bigger attacking goal. He actually left physically in the second half, because he does not have enough workloads at the club.

Kucka gave an excellent performance from box to box (sixteen to sixteen), and gave up. Although he did not avoid mistakes and did not forgive the traditional pre-penalty zone before the fatal standard that was decided.”

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We played on the edge of the current possibilities

The Slovaks played in some lanes at a very high pace, and relaxed at the start of the second half. Are you satisfied with their approach?

“The pace was very strong in the first half and meets the criteria of a serious international meeting. We played within our current capabilities. This affected us a bit and after changing sides the pace slowed down on our part.

At the beginning of the second term, we let the Croats play their game and we lost every second ball. Only after the substitutions did we get back into the game a little bit. Overall, we played good football, deserved a goal and a draw.”

What made the Slovaks play more positive and modern than the previous months?

“More players regularly join clubs, so they do not lack in work capacity and self-confidence. They have played and delivered to the limit, this time we believed it.”

She did not mention Weiss, who was less involved in the game. Has he shown a maximum in 31 years?

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“We expect him to have a greater impact on the offensive game. In Slovenia, he indicated that he is still an interesting player. But on Saturday he did not enter the game as expected. Returning to the international scene after so many years working in weaker leagues and injuries is a challenge. From my point of view, the high pace in the first half affected his performance.

However, I did not see him in this disciplined manner to perform his defensive duties. It was at the expense of a stronger confirmation in the attack, it only had a few fragments in it.”

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let’s try it! I no longer anticipate the action

Slovakia is fourth in the middle of qualifying, losing four points to Russia and Croatia. After losing to Cyprus and Malta and in revenge for it, is it still realistic for the candidates to play in the World Cup?

“After Saturday’s loss, I’m already at the theoretical level, and I don’t expect progress. Everything bad is good for something, we have five sharp matches to try out untested young players or new combinations from the team composition. The coach had the opportunity to enter into the development and philosophy of the team to prepare for qualification. Next “.

There are 15 points in the game. Otherwise, how will Slovakia return to the progressive struggle?

“We will have to find an effective central striker and have other players with the best load and form. In order for all eleven footballers to play well in Croatia or Russia, not five or six.”