November 30, 2021

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2022 World Cup Qualifiers: Matjaz Cake before the Slovakia-Slovenia match

Bratislava. Both Slovaks and Slovenes set their sights on Group H in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers in a duel with Croats and Russians due to crying and fighting for a non-progressive third place.

However, both teams want to start a duel on Thursday in Trnava with full respect. The Slovenian coach Matjacic also confirmed that. “We have a lot of problems in the team that we have to deal with. The players have cards, they are injured and sick.

There will be many new players at Base Eleven who will gain space. “We are aware of the quality of the opponent, but I think we will succeed,” he said at the online press conference on Wednesday at the training headquarters in Brdo near the city of Krang.

Kick smiled at the question of motivation in the match for third place in Group H. “Problems do not mean that they cannot be solved and we cannot succeed. I will appeal to every player to approach the match responsibly and I believe no one will be found without motivation,” said Kick, 60 ,.

And he did not say much concretely about the Slovak opponent, but indicated something. “They have their quality but we are focused on ourselves. We are worried that the opponent does not interest us,” he added.

Striker Andraž Šporar managed to work with Slovak champion ŠK Slovan Bratislava a few years ago. Will he have additional motivation against the Slovaks? “Both teams can no longer qualify for the World Cup, but I still expect a tough match. It will be a big task for me.

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I was in contact with my former colleagues from Slovan. I’ll only reveal their quality, but we are. “We want to say goodbye to qualifying with three points for victory in Slovakia and three more points for victory at home over Cyprus,” the 27-year-old said.

The duel of Slovaks against the Slovenes will take place on Thursday 11 November at 8.45 pm in Trnava under Finnish leadership. The main referee will be Matthias Gestranius.

The Slovaks have won only once in the five matches so far against the Slovenes in the World Cup qualifiers and will want to improve their 1-1-3 balance with a 3:6 score. So far, the last two teams have faced each other for more than two months in the current qualifiers and a 1:1 draw was born. 1 in Ljubljana.