January 16, 2022

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2021 was again a year without discussion with employers

2021 was again a year without discussion with employers

BRATISLAVA, DECEMBER 29 (TASR) – 2021 was again a year with incomplete procedures and without discussion with employers. This was stated by 500 club CEO Tibor Gregor in this year’s evaluation.

We have asked to communicate several times, but our calls have not been heard. Then there are cases where people without practical experience, from the table and without discussion, order companies to do something that is not possible, very expensive, and, moreover, often inconsistent with current legislation.Gregor said.

According to him, employers lack and still lack systematic cooperation in preparing materials that have an impact on employment, business, and ultimately on the country’s economy. Hence amendments to laws which have not been discussed face practical problems and, in many cases, the Constitution of the Slovak Republic as the highest law of the state.

Laws and procedures are presented at the last minute, in summary minutes or without direct discussion at government meetings. Unfortunately we must say that the legislative process we are currently experiencing has not been historically tested,Gregor said.

There was a lack of discussion and broader participation by employers in preparing the amendment to the Law Regulating State Aid for Research and Development, they were not adequately represented in the establishment of the recovery plan board and they were not heard in the preparation of the recovery plan itself.

According to him, the lack of communication at the EU level cannot be neglected either. According to the Club 500, Slovakia does not sufficiently promote its interests at the European level, especially from the point of view of industrial protection and employment.

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According to Club 500, poor communication or its complete absence is also reflected in the general atmosphere and condition of the company. “In the past two years, we have come to a state where we have divided the country into good and bad, issuing only orders and bans and restrictions, and brushing aside the ‘sixty-plus’ population, which is the most disciplined.500 club president Vladimir Sotak added.

We pretend we don’t have the money. At the same time, we have the funds to count the rat, monitor the flow of the Danube, protect the ground squirrel and a total of several tens of millions of euros for one non-profit civic association. We have funding for many foreign professionals, but we don’t have money for doctors and medical staff. We are governed by incompletely educated people who cannot even communicate with each other. So how can they communicate with the country? We will not allow children to go to school, we will not allow residents to play sports, we will not allow believers to go to church and at the same time the government and parliament can sit down and take meaningless actionsSotake emphasized.

The 500 Club added that the association of the largest Slovak employers has always been and is ready to sit down to the negotiating table and jointly search for solutions in the preparation of laws and measures that affect companies, employees, the country’s economy and prosperity.