January 29, 2022

Beyond Going Long

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10 years have passed since the tragic accident.  He had no chance after sway

10 years have passed since the tragic accident. He had no chance after sway

Newcomer Petr Konczyk, also nicknamed Slovak R Kelly in Slovakia’s still looking competition in Slovakia in 2004, was a promising start in his singing career. However, it all turned out to be a fateful, tragic Friday in January, when BMW rushed between Novi Zamky and Chorrani.


Have you watched the first year of the competition Slovakia Looking for a Star?

The witness who saw the car estimated its speed at 140 kilometers per hour. While overtaking, the car flew off the road and crashed into a tree. It cracked into three parts and began to burn. One person was burned in the car and the other was thrown a few meters from the scene of the accident, making him a young singer. Unfortunately, both men died instantly.

Singer Peter Konnick in competition.

Singer Peter Konnick in competition.

Source: archive

Peter Konček really attracted attention in competition from the start. But it wasn’t just singing. He immediately became interested in the media in his relationship with Marta Dvorska, the daughter of the famous opera singer Peter Dvorsky. He also became aware of various theft problems and also faced lawsuits for extortion, riots and personal injury.

He has long forgiven the debts that his father Yan had to pay for Peter’s “smart” work. “Pete was eccentric, generous, kind-hearted, crazy in a good way. They talked a lot about him and I was not the one to oppose him. I will say only one thing. It was taken from us and given to all. That was Peter Konnick”, His father noticed in the past.

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