January 21, 2022

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10 steps nature to thank brewers for - commerce and business - business news

10 steps nature to thank brewers for – commerce and business – business news

The Ten Steps summarize how brewers have progressively moved closer to achieving the goals of reducing the impact of business on nature and the environment.

30.12.2021 00:00

1. Goodbye PET beer bottles

This year, Braddrog brewers have permanently stopped bottling beer with PET and selling it to their customers. Plastic beer bottles have an inner membrane that protects the beer and its flavor, and cannot be recycled back into PET for beer. Gambrinus and Šariš brands were the first to leave PET beer last year, thanks to which Prazdroj has reduced plastic waste by more than 500 tons per year. This year, the last two brands offering beer in PET bottles were added – Smädný Mních and Velkopopovický Kozel.

2. Recycled glass as the most environmentally friendly packaging

According to the analyzes in which Prazdroj examined the impact of beer packaging on the environment during its entire life cycle, the most environmentally friendly type of packaging is the returnable bottle. That is why beer producers are increasingly motivating their consumers to choose this type of packaging. They refill the returnable bottle about 17 times in Brazzdrog. Thanks to the activities of Prazdroj, this environmentally clean substance is becoming more and more popular among Slovaks, and this year returnable bottles have become the second strongest category in terms of volumes of bottled beer in Slovakia.

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3. The aluminum foil has been replaced by paper

Returnable bottles from Pilsner Urquell have undergone a major makeover this year. Since March, the typical gold-coated aluminum foil on bottle necks and plastic labels has replaced paper labels. Thanks to this, today all components of the bottle are completely recyclable, and therefore the brewery saves 106 tons of waste annually.

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4. Greener cans

The most popular beer bottles for Slovaks are cans. In order to be less burdensome to the environment, Braddrog reduces its thickness and weight in the long run, and thus the amount of aluminum used, which contributes to the preservation of the environment.

5. Energy saving and carbon footprint reduction

The amount of recycled materials makes the can more environmentally friendly. A recycled canister has up to 80% less carbon footprint and uses up to 95% less energy to produce than a can made of virgin material. All Prazdroj cans contain 40-50% recycled aluminum.

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6. Lightweight crowns

Material and energy savings can also affect the sealing of the beer cans themselves. For example, in the case of returnable bottles, Prazdroj focused on a sheet-metal crown cap, which is lightweight. This step will also help reduce the amount of carbon dioxide released during its production.

7. The beginning of the era of backup

In addition to being very interested in the packaging they use for their products, Prazdroj also takes into account what happens to them after a consumer uses them. In line with the sustainability strategy and the company’s goal of achieving complete packaging circularity, a new backup system will be launched in Slovakia on January 1, 2022. Brewers are also actively involved in its construction. The new advanced system supports and welcomes the fact that Slovakia will become one of the countries that will allow its people to live more sustainably from next year.

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8. Multiples packages as a friendly option

With bottled beer, brewers are also thinking about how to help consumers take home bottles out of the store, so that their choice is not only economical and environmentally friendly, but also as convenient as possible. This year, consumers in Slovakia were able to find the so-called multipacks of the brands Šariš, Gambrinus and Velkopopovický Kozel, which allowed them to easily and safely take home packs of 8 and 10 pieces. The packages included, among other things, instructions on how to properly pour beer from a glass bottle, or thank you for purchasing organic packages.

9. Movies with added value

Did you know that chips that pack cans of beer brands like Pilsner Urquell, Šariš or Gambrinus together in one package is now 100% recycled material? Advances have also been made in transporting beer, or so-called stretch films, which hold beer together on pallets. Prazdroj specifically reduces their weight and the number of packaging needed, which saves Slovakia another ton of plastic annually.

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10. Zero Landfill

Braddrog also approaches the issue of waste as responsibly as possible. By 2025, it aims to reduce it by more than 30% while achieving zero landfills. All byproducts of production are now reusable.

The article was created within the #EkoSpolu project, presented by Plzeňský Prazdroj Slovensko with the aim of informing about reducing the environmental impact of businesses.

  • The direction of Plzeňský Prazdroj Slovakia in the field of sustainable development is determined by the Sustainability Strategy for the future of 2030.
  • In addition to achieving carbon neutrality in beer production by 2030, Prazdroj will use renewable energy exclusively, reduce plastic production and want to maintain its leading position in saving water.
  • It also applies a responsible approach to production when promoting products, supports the development of the regions in which it operates and strives to manage natural resources as efficiently as possible.
  • It summarizes the company’s steps in the field of sustainability over the past year Integrated Sustainability Report 2020.
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