January 21, 2022

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10 Most Read Articles About Cryptocurrencies In 2021 On TECHBOX.sk

10 Most Read Articles About Cryptocurrencies In 2021 On TECHBOX.sk

End of the year, respectively. The new year is usually a good time to take stock, so we have also prepared the best article rankings for you. As part of a special year-end section year 2021 We searched for the best in the tech world last year. This time we have a ranking among the 10 most read articles about cryptocurrencies.

1. The world has a new cryptocurrency, from Slovakia – WEXO DeFi Token from CRYPTON DIGITAL, SE

Wexo DeFi Token is the first Slovak cryptocurrency registered with the Cardano Blockchain. It represents the WEXO financial technology platform, which allows convenient use of cryptocurrencies. Its authors, CRYPTON DIGITAL, SE, recently launched an app of the same name

2. How to buy cryptocurrency in the time of coronary crisis?

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3. What is the ideal time to buy bitcoin?

This is definitely a question that anyone who wants to enter the world of cryptocurrency asks. Let’s take a look at a simple system of how you can reduce potential initial risks and losses. There is no perfect time.

4. Cryptomens as the biggest opportunity in the coming years?

According to research, up to 90% of newcomers in the cryptocurrency space do not study what Bitcoin is and immediately start investing or mining. When the first major drop or negative information comes, the newcomer begins to question his decision and lose faith in cryptocurrencies. This is the most common mistake of any newcomer that costs a lot of money.

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5. Why has Bitcoin grown so much in recent months?

Bitcoin was last year in March during the “COVID foreclosure closure” of the markets at $4,000 per coin. Today, a year later, its price has reached $58,000. What is behind this rapid growth? Is it just a coincidence? Can he be blamed beforehand?

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6. What makes this Bitcoin growth different from that of 2017?

Bitcoin has reached record levels and many people are trying to compare the growth of 2017 with the current growth. At the time, we hit a magical $20,000 and we couldn’t beat it for the next three years. But what makes these growths different and what do they have in common?

7. Common cryptocurrency scams – what are the main signs?

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8. In Slovakia, it will be possible to pay by encryption via smartphone terminals

Some Slovak institutions accept payment by crypto, but this is a small amount. This wants to change Global Payments, which in Slovakia is launching support for cryptocurrencies on its terminals. However, this is not a classic payment terminals, but a GP mobile application that can be installed on Android smartphones and pay via QR codes.

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9. El Salvador wants to build a ‘Bitcoin City’ powered by a volcano

Salvadoran President Nayib Bokhel presented his most ambitious plan yet. In La Unión, he wants to build a so-called Bitcoin City, a city dedicated to Bitcoin, which will also be mined using geothermal energy from the nearby stratovolcano Conchagua.

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10. Cryptocurrencies are increasingly attracting extremists

The crypto community also has its downsides and often attracts cybercriminals or scammers who collect millions of dollars in electronic currency. This was confirmed by an American study.

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