The NBA will not allow the Knicks to hold trainings this summer

The NBA will not allow the Knicks to hold trainings this summer

The Knicks’ hopes of organizing mandatory OTAs this summer have been dashed, industry sources say.

Eight teams not involved in the Orlando restart had to oversee the Organized Team’s mandatory Activities to make up for those missing during the Orlando restart. But the NBA and its players’ association will not allow any of that to be mandatory, sources claim.

Some teams – not the Knicks – lobbied for the summer tournament in one place with eight teams, but the massive COVID-19 protocols in Orlando are too complex to be implemented for random teams, sources say.

NBPA Director Michele Roberts hinted at OTA concerns about “Delete 8” during Friday’s conference call, but did not rule it out.

“Honestly, although I appreciate there will be a bit of layoffs, I think these teams can do some things to bring in guys who don’t play some [benefit] because they weren’t involved in Orlando, “Roberts said. “But if we could not in every way repeat the protocol established for Orlando, I would be – I am now tamed – suspicious.”

The concern is that eight teams practice in their facilities, and then allow the players to go home to their families. This is contrary to the rules followed by the 22 teams in the Orlando bubble that should start on July 7.

Frank Ntilikina shot during an exercise at the Knicks facilityCharles Wenzelberg / New York Post

According to sources, Knicks was interested in organizing a week of miniskirts with his young players after the end of July, and they did not want the games. That way the new coach could feel his team before the camp opens on November 6th.

The league did not reject informal grouping exercises, based on state laws on social distance, but only voluntarily and with strict guidelines, sources said. For now, “Delete 8” is allowed to hold individual trainings in their training, as well as the other 22 clubs.

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That Gibson and Frank Ntilikina were at the Knicks facility in Tarrytown on Friday. Mitchell Robinson and Kenny Wooten also work there.

NBA Deputy Commissioner Mark Tatum said volunteer group exercises could still be organized in the future.

“We want the same standards to be met and to have had conversations with the players’ association about how to present ourselves and whether we can do it or not,” Tatum said. “We know that some of our players would like to do that, which some players would like to do. This must be done in the right way. We will continue with those conversations. “

Roberts said that teams like Knicks can find ways to train young players. Over the summer, the Knicks sent coaches to the players’ birthplaces.

“I think our teams are incredibly smart and creative and can come up with ways to hire their guys, if not now, before the season starts,” Roberts said. “But I am very worried and honestly, our players, our teams are very worried about any game that does not have the same guarantee of safety and health that we provided to the teams in Orlando. You never say never, but there is a standard that needs to be met. “

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