Police officers tested to find Elijah McClain again near the memorial

Police officers tested to find Elijah McClain again near the memorial

The Colorado Police Department is investigating three officers who were allegedly photographed to rediscover the maneuvering officers who were on Elijah McClain near the memorial, the report said Monday.

Officers reportedly took photos near the spot where McClain was stopped and apprehended by Aurora police just before his 2019 death. CBS Denver stated, citing sources familiar with the investigation.

Photos of the officers reportedly spread around the Aurora Police Department before the Internal Investigation Department caught them in the wind and launched an investigation.

The interim police chief said in a statement late Monday that all officers involved were suspended with salaries until the investigation is completed.

“Thursday afternoon, I was aware of allegations reported by Aurora Police Officer to the Interior Ministry, which claimed that a number of Aurora police officers were shown in photographs near the location where Elijah McClain died,” Vanessa Wilson said in a statement.

“I immediately ordered the internal affairs to become the main priority of this investigation. This accelerated investigation was completed tonight, “she added.

McClain died after police in the Colorado city stopped him last August after someone called 911 to report him as suspicious.

Police detained him using a ballast and called an ambulance, the New York Times reported.

The medics who responded injected him with ketamine, and McClain went into cardiac arrest on the way to the hospital.

He died days later from “unspecified” causes.

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