Liverpool star Alexander-Arnold looks at a new chapter in the club's 'incredible history'

Liverpool star Alexander-Arnold looks at a new chapter in the club’s ‘incredible history’

Winner of the English Premier League. Check it out. You beat it all with your boys club. Check it out.

For players and fans around the world, such a remarkable feat would be far beyond their wildest imagination.

But for Liverpool coach Trent Alexander-Arnold, his fairytale dream has become a reality – all at the age of just 21.

“It’s hard to figure out what really happened – I’ve crossed the moon,” the dazzling Alexander-Arnold told CNN Sport after the club secured the title of champion in 30 years on Thursday.

The right-back achieved success with his teammates and coaching staff at the city’s golf center as they watched Chelsea beat Manchester City 2-1 – handing them a trophy with a record seven games played.

He admits, however, that he did not exactly represent a historical moment in his imagination.

“I always dreamed of winning at the last minute. It was a tight, tight title race until the last minute and we scored an equalizing goal to win the league,” he smiles.

He was probably imagining that moment with the fans at the stadium, but coronavirus pandemic means games are played behind closed doors.

One icon inspires another

The English international joined the club as a six-year-old and immediately became a club legend Steven Gerrard.
Gerrard, who was part of the Liverpool team that narrowly missed the 2014 title Luis Suarez, wrote in his 2016 autobiography: “Trent has a great chance of making himself a top professional … he has a wonderful frame and seems to have all the attributes you need.”

The praise is high, which the defender used as inspiration.

“[Gerrard’s] a hero, a legend, an icon, someone I have always looked at, someone I am trying to become and I want to imitate, ”he said.

“I was just proud that he recognized my talent and singled me out individually as someone with a bright future. I was honored … I always used him as inspiration to become a better player.”

Former Liverpool player Steven Gerrard spotted Alexander-Arnold's talent from an early age

‘We want to write our own chapter’

Since making his debut in the first team in October 2016, he has gone from strength to strength and is today widely recognized as one of the best strikers in the world.

Alexander-Arnold, however, does not want his relentless pursuit of success or the club to stop here – he wants to create a new legacy.

“When you play for one of the biggest clubs in the world, and you play with world-class players and you have a world-class manager, the mentality has to be world-class and that’s tireless all the time.

“To be able to do that, you have to win trophies year after year, and next year we will happen to do the same and re-create the feelings we feel in the next few years and try to become a legendary Liverpool team.

“We want to write our own chapter in this amazing history of the club – we just want to be a special Liverpool team that fans can be proud of.”

The defender played an instrumental role in helping the club win the UEFA Champions League in 2019.

A voice for change and equality

His ambitions on the field correspond to those outside of him.

The defender was inspired to speak out against racism because of the influence of his colleagues from England Marcus Rashford and Raheem Sterling.

During a recent clash in the Premier League with local rival Everton, Alexander-Arnold wore boots that carried the message “Black Lives Matter”. They are sold at auction after the game, with the proceeds coming from Nelson Mandela Bets.

“The movement has been so inspiring to me, I see so many people involved and so many people picking up, so many movements and institutions behind it.

“It’s possible to be a part of something and know that you’re an inspiration and role model to the younger generation. It just inspires you more to post the right messages.”

And Alexander-Arnold knows that education is key to meaningful change happening.

“People shouldn’t be treated differently because of their skin color or where they’re from. That’s why it’s important to educate people.

“For now, it’s about how to extract those kinds of stories and extract those kinds of messages as much as possible just to implement that change and that education.”

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