Leslie Odom Jr. she starred in the Freeform series "Love in the Time of the Corona"

Leslie Odom Jr. she starred in the Freeform series “Love in the Time of the Corona”

Leslie Odom Jr. search “Love in the Age of the Crown”: Veterinarian “Hamilton” and “Smash” will star in a limited series of Freeform events, along with real-life wife Nicolette Robinson (“The Affair”), both of whom will also be executive producers.

Also joining are Tommy Dorfman (“13 Reasons Why”), Rainey Qualley (“Crazy People”), Gil Bellows (“Patriot,” Ally McBeal “), Rya Kihlstedt (” The Bold Type “,” Charmed “), Ava Bellows (“This Should Pass”) and L. Scott Caldwell (“All the Rises,” “Lost”).

Compiled by Joanne Johnson (Good Trouble), the four-part series follows four intertwined stories of a thriving quest for love and connection during quarantine imposed by coronavirus. The show kicks off today in Los Angeles, using remote filming technologies within real talent homes.

Odom Jr. and Robinson will play James and Sade, “a married couple living somewhat separate lives: They have a hectic career that keeps him on the road, and she raises their daughter at home,” the official synopsis said. “Once a pandemic puts them under one roof, their time together leads them to rethink their relationship and their priorities.”

Dorfman and Qualley together are successful non-binary stylist Oscar and ambitious singer-songwriter Elle, whose “mostly platonic friendship is getting more complicated as Oscar’s latest date online progresses toward relationship territory just as Elle’s neighborly sympathy begins to flourish.”

Bellows, his real-life wife Kihlstedt, and their daughter Ava portray a family resolutely opting for quarantine together, despite a peaceful separation a few months earlier, when their daughter returns home from college.

Caldwell rounds out the acting role of Nanda, a strong woman who is unable to celebrate the 50th anniversary of her marriage to her husband (guest star Charlie Robinson, “Mom”) after his rehab goes into jail as a result of COVID-19.

“Love in the Age of the Corona,” is scheduled to debut this August.

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