Race Date Varies Depending on Distance: 1st June – 10th June 2012

The Enduroman Festival of Triathlon (UK) is a celebration of all things triathlon. Held in the picturesque New Forest, there really is something for every long-distance athlete here.

The festival is part of the European Ultra Triathlon Championships.

The festival will host seven different distances, each finishing on the same day so as to create a unique atmosphere of celebration amongst the finishers and their support crews.

This event tends to not get coverage even in triathlon press so I shall endeavour to remedy that as much as possible on this site. If you are a fan of the event or Ultra Triathlon then please do keep in contact. Any contributions or ideas are welcome.

Deca Enduroman UK:  1st – 10th June 2012 – 6.00am
Quintuple Enduroman UK: 6th – 10th June 2012 – 6.00am
Triple Enduroman UK: 8th June 2012 – 6.00am
Double Enduroman UK: 9th June 2012
6.00am but could be delayed up to 09.00am
Enduroman 100 Ultra: 9th June 2012 – 2.00pm
1 x Enduroman:  10th June 2012 – 6.00am but could be delayed up to 09.00am

Course Records


Hywel Davies 2008 21:30:39
Monique Hollinshead 2009 27:46:53

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