UK and Ireland Triathlon events

All the iron-distance triathlon events from around the UK and Ireland

UK long distance triathletes have never had it better domestically. There is a full calendar now across the UK and Ireland offering a wide variety of long distance triathlon events – so no matter what type of triathlete you are or what kind of adventure you are seeking – a quality triathlon event is right on these shores.

The current UK and Ireland Triathlon events calendar

  • Enduroman UK (30th May 2014)
  • Bath Endurance Weekend (31st May 2014)
  • Rat Race City to Summit (31st May 2014)
  • Ardgartan Iron Distance (14th June 2014)
  • Forestman (22nd June 2014)
  • Celtman (28th June 2014)
  • TT Triathlon (29th June 2014)
  • The Beast (6th July 2014)
  • Keilder Triathlon (6th July 2014)
  • The Long Course Weekend (11th July 2014)
  • The Bastion (13th July 2014)
  • Ironman UK (20th July 2014)
  • Outlaw (27th July 2014)
  • The Anglian (2nd August 2014)
  • The Owler  (3rd August 2014)
  • Cotswold226 (10th August 2014)
  • Jurassicman (10th August 2014)
  • Midnight Man (16th/17th August 2014)
  • UK Ultimate Triathlon (17th August 2014)
  • The Big Woody  (23rd August 2014)
  • The Horseman (13th September 2014)
  • Ironman Wales (14th September 2014)
  • Challenge Weymouth (14th September 2014)
  • The Brutal (20th September 2014)

Races in 2013

  • Ardgarton iron (12th May)
  • City to Summit (1st June)
  • Bath iron-distance Triathlon (1st June)
  • Enduroman UK (2nd June)
  • Forestman (23rd June)
  • TTTRiathlon (30th June)
  • Celtman (6th July)
  • The Outlaw (7th July)
  • XTri24 (12th July)
  • Cleveland Double Steelman (20th July)
  • Midnight Man (27th July)
  • The Anglian (27th July)
  • Ironman UK (4th August)
  • TriAthlone Shadowman (4th August)
  • Jurassicman (11th August)
  • UK Ultimate Triathlon (18th August)
  • Ireman (18th August)
  • Big Woody (24th August)
  • Ironman Wales (8th September)
  • Challenge Henley (8th September)
  • Hardman (15th September)
  • Horseman (15th September)
  • The Brutal (21st September)
  • The Pig (long distance duathlon)

Events organisers for UK and Ireland middle-distance triathlon events, please feel free to add your event to our calendar below or email me your details.

5 Responses to UK and Ireland Triathlon events

  1. dick says:

    any links to Bath iron-distance Triathlon (1st June)?? nothing coming up on Google

  2. norsemen says:

    Hi Dick,

    I couldn’t find a link to the actual event page but here’s a link to the club that has listed it

    Thanks for reading.

  3. Bob Davison says:

    Hi can you add these events to your calendar …31May Irish Double Iron Championships and 1st June Tri-Limits 71.3 …we go the extra mile

    Many thanks Bob

  4. Jersey based Hare and Tortoise Events specialises in endurance events, mainly ultra marathons and trail races. September 7th 2014 will be the Jersey Titanium Man Triathlon – Iron distance, half iron distance and 35.7mile – relay and solo entries.

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