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Beyond Going Long is a website born out of a love for long-distance triathlon by the editor. It was launched in February 2012 and I realised that there was a strong demand for fresh, original and editorially driven content focused on the ever growing endurance multisport scene when the first day we had over 1,500 hits and a personal message from Chrissie Wellington saying how much she liked the site!

Since then, Beyond Going Long has grown into a respected and much liked part of the British online triathlon community and has continued it’s focus and mission to promote British and Irish participation and excellence within this end of the triathlon sport. Our stories are regularly used and picked up on by the triathlon media press and the wider media and I am proud that we continue to provide a platform for the active professional long course triathletes, top age-groupers and domestic iron-distance events in this country.

Beyond Going Long continues to grow its reputation for original and regular content, that doesn’t rely on the same old press releases doing the rounds and is delivered with humour and in partnership with the athletes themselves. I hope you continue to enjoy the work here.

About me

Richard Campbell - Editor

My name is Richard Campbell and I am the editor and creator of Beyond Going Long.

I discovered a passion for triathlon in the Summer of 2010, after looking for a new sporting challenge away from running marathons. I was a competitive swimmer in my youth, average runner and now terrible cyclist. My first tri was at Worthing Olympic on a mountain bike, complete with knobbly tires that took me to a 3:10 debut time.

I tend to come mid-pack in all the races I entered, including my attempt at going long: Challenge Henley on Thames (13:51:57). As you can see I’m not the most talented tri athlete but this sport is full of passionate (crazy?!) fans and participants. 

Whilst the profile, coverage and financial rewards continue to grow at the shorter, drafting side of triathlon, I wanted to change all that through Beyond Going Long and hopefully make more people aware of how Britain and Ireland are at the very top of triathlon at the longer distances and to help support these athletes by providing them with a media platform that works hard for them. In doing so, I hope to change the sport of triathlon for the better and be a part of some of the amazing sporting journeys in this country.

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Contact me

I’d love to hear from you about anything tri-related and for you to participate in the site. Each story has an open comments board so get involved! If you want to contact me then drop me an @beyondgoinglong on Twitter, or email me richie(@)beyondgoinglong.co.uk.


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  1. Wayne says:

    Hi Richard,
    Love the website mate.
    Your doing a great justice to triathlon.

    Many thanks, Wayne.

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