The following athletes are those that are racing with a pro license at either long-distance and/or middle distance either in the UK or abroad during 2012.

This list will be added to throughout the year as new pro licenses are granted or pro status is recognised by events organisers.

If you spot an error in this list please contact the editor and it shall be rectified.

(m) = middle distance specialists with no plans announced to race long distance in 2012.

(l) = athlete has confirmed that they will be racing long distance in 2012.


  • Bryan McCrystal (l)
  • Craig Twigg (l)
  • Daniel Halksworth (l)
  • Dion Harrison (l)
  • Fraser Cartmel (l)
  • James Hadley
  • Joel Jameson (l)
  • Mark Threlfall (m)
  • Mark Nolan (m)
  • Martin Cain (m)
  • Martin Muldoon (m) (Irish Record Holder)
  • Matt Ellis (m)
  • Nicholas Ward Munoz (l)
  • Oliver Simon (l)
  • Owen Cummins (l)
  • Paul Ambrose (l)
  • Paul Amey (l) (British Record Holder)
  • Phillip Graves (l)
  • Rich Allen
  • Richy Sumpter
  • Robbie Wade (l)
  • Scott Neydli
  • Stephen Bayliss (l)
  • Tom Lowe (l)


  • Bella Bayliss (l)
  • Cat Morrison (l) (Scottish record holder)
  • Eimear Mullan (m)
  • Emma-Kate Lidbury (m)
  • Joanna Carritt (l)
  • Jodie Swallow (l)
  • Joyce Wolfe (m)
  • Leanda Cave (Welsh record holder) (l)
  • Lesley Patterson
  • Lucy Gossage (l)
  • Rachel Joyce (l)
  • Susie Hignett
  • Tamsin Lewis (l)
  • Yvette Grice (l)

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