Alice Hector reviews the 32Gi Endure Tabs

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Pro triathlete Alice Hector has been reviewing the 32Gi Sports Nutrition range, the official sports nutrition for Challenge Roth and used by Jodie Swallow amongst others.32Gi Sports Nutrition is now available in the UK .

Check out her review of the 32Gi Endure Tabs below.

Keep tabs on your performance with the 32GI Endure Tabs.

These tiny tabs pack a serious energy punch. They come in tubes of 10, each containing 50 calories per tab, but what’s great about these is the ability to carry essentially 2 hours of food in a compact tube that won’t dissolve in rain and is easy to open. Those of you into triathlon racing will understand!

Carry two tubes in a pocket or bento box and you have 1,000 calories, as light as a feather, right at your fingertips.

Like the chews I previously critiqued (link) when in one’s oral orifice, the tabs dissolve instantly and are super easygoing on the digestive front. Delivering a perfect blend of electrolyte saltiness with sweet satisfaction, I’d certainly look to switch to these from conventional gels. No more sticky hands either!

As for the ‘science bit':

-They are suitable for diabetics
-They come in orange, lime, peach & raspberry
-They are vegan friendly

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