Chewing and Reviewing – Alice Hector reviews 32Gi Sports Chews

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With 32Gi Sports Nutrition now landed in the UK (the official sports nutrition for Challenge Roth), we thought we would get the professionals to put it through its paces. Enter pro athlete Alice Hector (Ironman 70.3 Champion, Bastion Champion, 2x winner of Israman), to review the 32Gi Sports Chews range.

I have always been a fan of sweeties. Having learned to curb this habit as a professional athlete, it is always therefore a bonus when you can combine treats with training.

In races and long training sessions, I have always enjoyed energy chews and chomps, especially on the bike, where you have time to eat something fairly solid.

But the trouble with chews is they get stuck to your teeth and I don’t tend to carry dental floss in my special needs bag. The other problem I find is that they can be pretty solid and you end up chomping a few too many times before remembering to breathe.

So something had to be done! (#firstworldproblems). Enter 32GI with their Sports Chews. Packed neatly in 50g packets, they’ll give you as much energy as two regular-sized potatoes (27 grams of carb and 130 cal in one pack).

Now you may of course feast all you like on cold potatoes during races, but during long competitions, I want things to look forward to: little pick-me-ups. The Sports Chews taste possibly too good (I sampled the lot and don’t have a favourite – even the lime – always my last pick – was a goer). For me, the overriding USP performance-wise, was the melt-in-the-mouth consistency that made them so easy to get down. With a slightly crunchy outer layer and a squidgy interior, they taste great, dissolve instantly and pack a really good energy punch.

Could this be the beginning of Michelin-starred sports nutrition?

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