Leading Physiotherapy Company partners with the Castle Triathlon Series

Fraser Cartmell Bastion Triathlon

Six Physio will be the official physiotherapy partner for the six triathlon weekend events hosted by the Castle Triathlon Series in 2015. The Bastion (full iron) and Gauntlet (half iron) competitors will benefit from free post race massages along with detailed pre race advice and support. Furthermore massages will be on offer for all competitors who wish to soak up the festival atmosphere and enjoy some R&R after crossing the finishing line.

Leading experts in their field, Six Physio have 11 clinics across London and the South East with plans for continued expansion. “We’re really excited to be partnering with the largest Triathlon Series in the UK and to provide specialist support to triathletes of all ages and levels in some truly amazing locations. We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship – and to helping people taking part stay injury-free and continue to enjoy the races!” Nicki Chick, Marketing Manager Six Physio.

This partnership sees a wider offering for competitors outside the race day, including:

  • Ask the Guru – click here for the opportunity to ask for free advice via email
  • Women’s Health service – ideal for women returning to sport after having children or wanting a simple MOT – click here to read more information


See advice and recommendations for triathletes on Six Physio’s comprehensive website here.

We asked Director of Six Physio, Matt Todman, a few questions to help triathletes learn more about the benefit of physio:

Tell us more about Six Physio?

Six Physio has been around for almost 2 decades and has looked after more than 20,000 patients, ranging from the ultra elite to little old ladies via mega stars and the unthinkables! We give the same level of input to everyone between the gutter and the stars. We believe that bad physio is not on. If we say we can get you better, we will and if we say we can’t, we won’t – but we’ll send you off to somebody who can. We do things slightly different to most other Physios – we “split out” our manual, hands on therapy and hands off, rehab based intervention. We know this is great for our patients. We know they need to see the right physio, doing the right stuff – not just a physio doing stuff. Our Physios super skill and put the patient at the centre of the team.

Why has Six Physio got a good affinity with triathletes?

We’ve seen, smelt and felt the huge wave of Tri’s sweeping the country over the past decade or so. Some of our patients live and breathe Tri’s and so we’ve been lucky enough to be part of the process. Our treatment is never just “in house” we have to enable our patients, the triathletes to put what we’ve taught them in terms of rehab skills, into practice – in the water, on their bikes and on their feet.

What are the most common issues that triathletes suffer from?

Triathletes most commonly suffer injuries relating to the back, shoulder and knee. However in our experience, over the years a triathlete can display a wide range of injuries linked to training loads, equipment setups and individual body types.

What is the recommended treatment, or is it case by case?

Always case by case. There is no one size fits all. People are made differently, they run, swim and bike differently and they also work differently, so they need to be looked after differently.

How often would you recommend a triathlete visits their physio?

Any injury that’s still lurking around after a week or 10 days, despite self management probably needs a different set of eyes on it.

What would you advise is the ultimate preparation for a race?

The best race preparation is knowing that you have done all you can both physically and mentally, within your own limits. This means you’ve spent the weeks building up your training loads, you’ve worked on identified weaknesses, you’ve listened to your body when you have had aches and pains you’ve addressed these accordingly with your Physio, and you’ve achieved the realistic goals set for yourself by doing the small things 100% of the time.

Where can triathletes find and get more recommendations and advice?

More advice for your triathlon preparation can be sought through our web site and by asking our Physio guru and tri expert. We can then guide you to the expert you need to help solve your query.

Sign up for one of the six events, or six adult distances on offer by the Castle Triathlon Series here.

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