VIDEO: Teaser trailer for the new XTERRA European series

xterra england 3

It’s one of the most exciting, challenging and fun series you can take part in and the off-road adventure that is XTERRA is set to start again in Europe this weekend with XTERRA Malta kicking things off.

The 12-stop series culminates in XTERRA England at the Vachery Estate in Cranleigh, Surrey on the 29th and 30th August and if you’ve never come across XTERRA before or want to find out a bit more then you could do a lot worse than to sit back and enjoy this teaser video for the new season.

The inaugural XTERRA Malta off-road triathlon kicks-off the 2015 XTERRA European Tour on Sunday. Twelve stops over 5 months culminating with the XTERRA European Championship at XTERRA UK on 30 August.

Posted by XTERRA Europe on Friday, March 27, 2015

Like what you see? There is still time to enter XTERRA England. Visit today and enter now.

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