Introducing Indurance – blood profiling for age group athletes


InDurance is a new concept aimed at people who take their training seriously. It is an exciting new fusion of health, technology and performance and was launched at the recent 220 Triathlon Show.

We caught up with the man behind InDurance to talk about this new concept and more besides.


We are proud to present Swim, Bike and Run athletes with essential self-tracking tools designed by sports medics, top coaches and professional athletes. Using specialist blood profiling we provide athletes with information about the health of their blood at any given time.

Insights like these were once the exclusive property of elite professionals but now all athletes can, for the first time, intelligently target their training, nutrition and rest and place themselves in the best position to perform at their peak and to achieve wellness.

InDurance provides its clients with the ability to achieve personal profiling at affordable prices. We enable them to discover their Inner Athlete by beginning to understand the link between blood biomarker profiling, health and performance. We empower them to self-track and self-discover or be guided by an InDurance sports medic whilst feeling their way through your tracking and profiling results.

We use pooled anonymised test results to enable athletes to benchmark against the InDurance community and to continue to develop new insights into this specialist area.

How does it work?

We are initially offering six different Pico kits, each of which provide various blood biomarker tests, designed with endurance athletes in mind, such as iron storage, oxygen carrying capacity and immune status.

Each kit allows the athlete to take a sample of his or her blood anytime at home and return it to our laboratory for testing. The results will be analysed by one of our sports medics and a comprehensive, individual report prepared and made available online via the client’s InDurance account. We provide an easy to understand report giving specific steps that can be taken to improve individual elements of blood health and thus optimise the opportunites to achieve both wellness and performance.

The ease and convenience of the service means that the individual can retest later at a time that suits them in order to track and quantify that improvement.b

InDurance also offers online video consultations with a sports medic at a time and duration to suit our clients’ busy lives.

To understand more visit our website or see us on and

What is the most important benefit?

It is the ability to look at every aspect of our lives and quantify each factor therefore accounting for our time AND our efforts as energy and time is totally precious in busy lives. Athletes want to be the best at what they do in training and racing but also excel at being devoted members of a family and productive and happy in a busy and challenging job.

It seems to be a new concept in sport?

Is one of the first times that we are buying something in order to invest in our health and longevity which is a new concept. We believe it’s time to do a bit of myth busting and say to people ‘’hey it’s okay now to talk about blood health as its the most important thing’’. It’s a absolute no-brainer. In fact its not a ‘marginal gain’ by any means but in fact it’s transformational gain. We want to explain to athletes in detail and take them through the whole process of precision nutrition, strategic rest and smart testing as it’s often the game changer being the ability to perform off the back of training and how well we recover.

How does it complement the ability to absorb training?

Profiling allows us to see what’s going on inside the body – how can we continue to train if the body is not in a fit enough state to perform the sessions essential for improvements? You will never get the best out of yourself if you do not possess this intelligence . Getting feedback like this at what’s going on inside your body inside and out is a paradigm shift within sport.

Does it give us the confidence to continue to dig deep?

Often physically we can feel really well but mentally it’s also amazing to know that we are really well. It is the confidence to know that those processes going on inside the body are going really well delivering the maximum potential delivery of performance. This means you can consistently train hard as you have real hard ‘data’ to reassure yourself that you the blood in your system is as good as it can be. You may look good on the outside but how are you doing inside?

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