VIDEO: End2End – is this the ultimate quadrathlon expedition?

End2End the hardway

A team of four – Richard, Joanne, John & Marj travel from Jon O’Groats to Lands End via the highest mountains and the longest lakes in mainland UK.

The route features mountain running over the Scottish 4000’s and the English and Welsh 3000’s. If features a canoeing stage on Loch Awe and swimming in Windermere and Bala Lake.


All the link stages are by road bike and because the route travels between mountain ranges and lakes, it is further and more picturesque than the normal Lands End to Jon O’Groats route. Finally, there’s a last trail run from Cape Cornwall to Sennen Cove and then a group walk to Lands End. the film features Richard and Joanne Iles of Race New Forest, organisers of he Forestman Iron Triathlon.

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