Bronze for Learmonth in Madrid

Jessica Learmonth achieved her first international podium finish at the Madrid ETU European Cup. She won bronze on the tough, hilly Casa de Campo course in the Spanish capital.

The Leeds based 26 year-old is a former swimmer who took up triathlon in 2012 and finished third at the British Championships last month. She was first out of the water in Madrid following the 1500m swim with Natalie Milne 14 seconds behind and most of the rest of the field more than a minute behind.

Learmonth also recorded the fastest bike split and the 10km run came down to how long she could hold of the chasing field. Just Yuliya Yelistratove (UKR) and Anneke Jenkins (NZL) caught her.

Emma Pallant finished sixth, Natalie Milne 9th and India Lee 12th.

In the men’s race Tom Bishop put in a solid all round performance to finish sixth. Matt Sharp was 12th. Full results are below.


1. Yuliya Yelistratova, UKR, 2:10:02

2. Anneke Jenkins, NZL, 2:10:34

3. Jessica Learmonth, GBR, 2:11:16

6. Emma Pallant, ITU, 2:12:36

9. Natalie Milne, GBR, 2:14:06

12. India Lee, GBR, 2:16:28

DNF Seonaid Thompson


1. Dmitry Polyanskiy, RUS, 1:53:50

2. Frederic Belaubre, FRA, 1:53:54

3. Kristian Blummenfelt, NOR, 1:54:08

6. Thomas Bishop, GBR, 1:55:13

12. Matthew Sharp, GBR, 1:56:42

28. Phillip Graves, GBR, 1:59:11

37. Philip Wolfe, GBR, 2:02:43

41. Alastair Rogers, GBR, 2:04:36

DNF David Bishop

DNF Alex Thorley.

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