Jodie Stimpson takes 1st gold of the Commonwealth Games

Vicky Holland in 3rd

Jodie Stimpson banished the disappointment of missing out on the London Olympics with this glorious win on (almost) home soil at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games.

Stimpson stayed with the main pack on the bike before executing the strongest run of the day to claim gold. Coming in silver from Canada was Kirstine Sweetland and third was taken by fellow Brit Vicky Holland.

Stimpson entered the race as favourite by virtue of her high WTS ranking and executed her victory with some clever tactical racing and by virtue of her superior and fitness that looked a class above the opposition.

The swim was led out by the British trio of Lucy Hall with Vicky Holland and Jodie Stimpson benefiting from the pace set by Hall and coming out in 2nd and 3rd.

The trio managed to avoid an early crash on the bike and began what was an incredibly boring procession towards T2. Aside from Lucy Hall, who at least tried to animate the race by making a break with 8km remaining, why do the others even bother? To be fair to Jodie Stimpson and the rest of the 2-3 runners who were medal favourites with a super run in their locker, there is no benefit for them to chase her, but why do the rest of the field insist on just sitting back and happy to pick up scraps in positions going back from 5-12 on a run they know they cannot make any impact on? Why not go with Lucy and try their luck? Why do they even bother racing? I can only imagine what a curious neutral thought when they watched 5 minutes of this snooze-fest… ‘hmmmm, I’m not watching that again, all they do is sit up and go round in circles’. Sigh.

Anyway, back to the run and as expected, it was the strong runners who came to the fore and they quickly reeled in the brave Lucy Hall break. Lucy had nothing left in her legs having ridden solo. I wonder what might have happened if she was joined by some of the Australians or the others in that pack who could have helped her out.

Of the leading runners it was Stimpson and the Canadian athlete who looked the most comfortable and with the end in sight they strode away from Vicky Holland to cross the line in 1st and 2nd respectively. The hope is this medal fills Jodie with the belief that she is world class, because it is your editors opinion that she truly is.

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