Triathlon tweets of the week


It’s back! One of the more popular features on Beyond Going Long over the years, it is Triathlon Tweets of the Week.

We all know pro triathletes LOVE Twitter, so here is our weekly digest of the best and most ridiculous tweets we spotted this week.

Will Clarke (@theclarke) prefers boob-spotting rather than reading a book when on long-haul journeys.

Tried to break up the journey by keeping my eye open for some fake boobs on South Beach Miami

Julie Dibens (@juliedibens) has a fan-girl moment:

Just fell off my chair! I got a retweet from @DaveScott6x ! My work is done!

James Hadley (@teamhadmeister) has the same:

@juliedibens Woohoo! Yes! I got a reply! Now I can sleep soundly tonight :-)

Tamsin Lewis (@sportiedoc) discovers why the Germans are such good endurance athletes:

..Just seen a German beast himself on a brick run…Arrive dripping with sweat at cafe for lunch & down a pint of Erdinger (not alkoholfrei)

Paul Ambrose (@ambroselive) suggests a rule change to the WTC:

Wondering if I can use these weight watchers “Pro Points” towards my Ironman KPR ?

Dan Halksworth (@Hawky1) experiments with a revolutionary new training technique:

Just found myself stretching! I’ve changed

Have you spotted any funny triathlon tweets? Add them below!

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