Eimear Mullan wins in Lanzarote plus video interview

Eimear Mullan Lanzarote by James Mitchell

1st at the Desafio 8 Isla La Graciosa

Eimear Mullan continued her fine form since joining Team TBB by taking the win at the Desafio 8 Isla La Graciosa. The off-road race is over the 31km distance, and Eimear stood on top of the podium ahead of fellow Brit, Bella Bayliss. the podium was topped off by Saleta Castro.

Regular contributor James Mitchell was on hand to to take some great images from the race and also caught up with the  winner for an interview on her performance, how training is going and where Eimear’s season will start.

Eimear Mullan showed superior fitness and speed at the Desafio 8 Isla La Graciosa, dominating the race from 5km onwards to record a time of 2:11:08 – over 11 minutes ahead of fellow Brit, Bella Bayliss who finished in a time of 2:22:03. This shows that Mullan is in fine shape, having made the switch to Team TBB and living, training and following a more ‘professional’ lifestyle – with extra recovery time being a key difference in Mullan’s new regime.

Eimear Mullan on her way to victory

Mullan took the win over a very tough off-road course, which would have appealed to the tough Irish athlete who loves to race and train.

The race as a whole was dominated by triathletes training in the area. The men’s winner was Victor Del Corral Morales, second was Ivan Rana Fuentes whilst Antonio Cabrera rounded of the podium.

Check out this great interview with the race winner, Eimear Mullan:

With continued thanks to James Mitchell Photography for content, images and video.

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  1. John Beckley says:

    Congratulations Eimear, another fine performance after some hard training sessions! Thanks for giving Sands Beach Resort a thumbs up …appreciated :)

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