Outlaw wins ‘Race of the Year 2012′

Outlaw Triathlon 2012

Iron-distance race, The Outlaw, has been named ‘Race of the Year’ by readers of Beyond Going Long.

In a hotly contested vote that ran for 3 weeks on the long distance triathlon website, readers voted in their thousands and crowned the Nottingham-based race their event of the year with 37.8% of the total vote. This is the latest in a series of tri-awards for the race organisers One Step Beyond, who deliver several multi-sport races alongside the flagship Outlaw event.

The race for second place went right down to the wire between Forestman and Challenge Henley – with the smaller race besting the premium branded Challenge Family race into third by an incredibly narrow margin of just 2 votes. The equivalent of a sprint finish in this race! Read on for the full results.

So congratulations to One Step Beyond and the Outlaw for winning the first ever Best Iron-distance Race in the UK and Ireland. Their combination of excellent organisation, route, ‘big event feel’ and so much more has secured the popular race another award. This past year marked another classic in its short history, having sold out early on and welcomed ITU racer Harry Wiltshire to the long distance game and put on a cracking race for over 1,000 age group athletes.

Congratulations also to Forestman and Challenge Henley who came second and third respectively. They were separated by just two votes in the end as the voting went right down to the wire and both fully deserve their reputation as the best of British. The full results are as follows:

Position Event Votes
1. Outlaw 37.86%
2. Forestman 20.06%
3. Challenge Henley 19.42%
4. Ironman Wales 7.12%
5. Ironman UK 4.53%
6. The Brutal 4.21%
7. Enduroman 1.94%
8- Big Woody 1.62%
8- Midnight Man 1.62%
9. Celtman 1.29%
10. XTri24 0.32&

A final congratulations to every events organiser and team behind these 11 fantastic events that made 2012 domestic racing such a thrilling season and offered every age-grouper in the country a wide variety of events to choose from and every reason to stay racing within the UK and Ireland.

Next years vote is going to be tougher than ever, with 23 iron-distance races on offer throughout the year.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote.

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