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January Triathlete of the Month: Cat Morrison

triathlete of the month_edited-1

Running late but reading great, it’s time to announce our Triathlete of the Month. Who will be the early front runner for the prestigious Triathlete of the Year award? Well, if you read the headline then the cat is out the bag (see what I did there?), and you’ll know that Cat Morrison has been nominated following a brace of titles at the Ironman 70.3 Auckland and the Port of Tauranga Half Triathlon.

Read on to find out why and who else made it close but no cigar…

Preview: Hole Park Off-road Duathlon

hole park duathlon

Here at Beyond Going Long, we are particularly looking forward to a new off-road race on the calendar, the Hole Park Mtb Duathlon. Organised by the super Trispirit Events, who have also launched the new Kent-based iron-distance race The Owler, have also introduced this new event based in the stunning grounds of the Hole Park Estate.

We caught up with Liz King, one of the race directors, to give us the low down on this super new addition to the off-road calendar (and also find out a bit more about The Owler of course!).

Our top 10 stories of 2013

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continued support, comment and above all readership of Beyond Going Long. In just our second year, the site has gone from strength to strength and seen record growth in readership as we have grown into an established and entertaining media outlet focused on British and Irish long distance triathlon.

Here’s a look back at our most popular stories in 2013:

Vote for your race of the year 2013

Once again we are looking to the readers of Beyond Going Long to tell us which was their favourite race of 2013. With a jam-packed calendar of races, there really was something for everyone in the UK and the good news is that each race brought a unique charm and atmosphere to the calendar.

Last year Outlaw won our vote, with Forestman edging out Challenge Henley to claim 2nd. Will we see the same results again this year? Has one of the new races impressed you? Have your say and vote for the ‘Race of the Year 2013′.

Prize purses in British triathlons

Joe Skipper wins Vachery 2013

Prize purses, or the lack-there-off, have been in the triathlon press recently, with this website recently carrying an interview with Joe Skipper about how hard it can be for pro and elite triathletes to make a living from winnings in this sport.

Historically in the UK, Ironman was really the only option for a payday for domestic based athletes in the UK, however that has changed with the addition of Challenge UK and several new independent races on these shores offering decent paydays, not forgetting the addition of Ironman Wales to the calendar.

Here we look at the biggest and best pay days for triathletes in the UK.

Pros pay tribute to Brett Sutton

Last week, Brett Sutton resigned from his position of head coach of Team TBB – a period in his career which saw some brilliant successes for him and his athletes over the longer distance races.

Following his resignation to pursue new ventures, I caught up with some of the British athletes he coached over this period and caught the reflections of Jodie Swallow, Tamsin Lewis and Dan Halksworth on Brett Sutton and the positive impact he has had on their careers.

Vote your Triathlete of the Year 2013

Nick Baldwin 2nd 18-24 Ironman Hawaii

It’s been another amazing year for long distance triathletes across Britain and Ireland again, with major titles being won across the Ironman and Challenge series and some awe-inspiring achievements at age group level and in domestic competition.

Each month I have been awarding a Triathlete of the Month award to pro’s and age groupers who have put in some inspiring performances, but now it’s up to you to vote for the triathlete of the year.

Last year it was Nick Baldwin and Leanda Cave who were the eventual winners after 3,500 votes were cast, but this year with neither of them making the shortlist (controversial?), who will it be this time round? You decide!

The pro’s predict Kona 2013

Leanda Cave wins Ironman Hawaii

Professional triathletes lay down their Kona predictions!

Everyone and anyone has an opinion on who will win the 2013 edition of Ironman World Championships, but there are a group of people who might have a better idea than most. They race against them, train with them and some have even been up against them on the Lava Fields. Yes, that’s right – professional triathletes!

Here’s some predictions for Kona from some of the best British and Irish pro’s not in Hawaii this year. No sitting on the fence for this bunch – find out who they think will walk out with the title.

I asked a number of racers who their podium picks are and what battles they are looking forward to seeing. Check it out!