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Steve Berry trains with Joe Skipper and Eleanor Haresign

joe skipper ele haresign

Top age-grouper Steve Berry recently trained with two top domestic pros in Joe Skipper and Eleanor Haresign. Check out his insights and what it takes to train with these guys at the top level.

When Joe Skipper tweeted asking if there was anyone that would like to train with him out in Tenerife, I jumped at the chance. I had met Joe after his win at Challenge Weymouth and in him I saw a very affable young pro, who has a great future in front of him. The chance to train with a pro triathlete wasn’t an opportunity you got everyday and I thought, if nothing else it would be a good laugh.

Triathlete of the Year 2014

It’s been another amazing year for long distance triathletes across Britain and Ireland again, with major titles being won across the Ironman and Challenge series and some awe-inspiring achievements at age group level and in domestic competition.

Each month I have been awarding a Triathlete of the Month award to pro’s and age groupers who have put in some inspiring performances, but now it’s up to you to vote for the triathlete of the year. The shortlist has been selected.

Last year it was Scott Neyedli and Catherine Faux who were the eventual winners after 3,500 votes were cast, both impressing with world class performances on an age-groupers schedule. Who will it be this time round? You decide!

Cast your vote for the coveted Beyond Going Long Triathlete of the Year 2014 award. Before you do so, you might like to read a little bit about the athletes below. Voting closes Friday 28th November at 9am.

Hever Castle Triathlon 2014 Image Gallery

Get tagging! A stunning weekend of triathlon action at the 2nd biggest triathlon in the UK.

Over 7,000 competed over 2 days with 600 racing the marquee Gauntlet Half-iron triathlon. Check out the image gallery from the weekend.

The Braveheart is back!

lesley us champs

Lesley Paterson on the comeback trails

It’s been a tough year for XTERRA fans without Lesley Paterson in the line-up. The “Scottish Rocket” – a beloved and dominate force in off-road triathlon – was forced to watch this season from the sidelines while battling with injuries and a nasty auto-immune disease (Lyme disease).

Paterson was on her way to a three-peat at XTERRA Worlds last year – having already captured the XTERRA U.S. Pro Series and USA Championship title in Utah – before Nicky Samuels spoiled those plans. She was still able to chase down Flora Duffy in the finish chute to finish 2nd in Maui last October. And that was her last big XTERRA … until now.

The Braveheart is back, ready to tackle the rigors of sport once more and defend her USA Championship crown. There is no doubt Paterson embodies the spirit of a Scottish warrior, and she’s needed every bit of that unrelenting fight just to get through this past year.

Triathletes attempt (and hilariously fail) to climb the infamous 31% ‘Wall’ at Savageman


Watch these triathletes attempt (and hilariously fail) to climb the infamous 31% graded Westernport Wall at the oft-regarded toughest triathlon in the world, Savageman.

For those who successfully scale “the wall,” their name is immortalized in a brick that is placed within road for future riders to climb….

‘What triathlon means to me’

Rich Campbell triathlon

Your editor was recently interviewed by filmmaker Adam Price from Brighton Film School, who is making a short documentary about triathlon. Here’s the results!

Triathlon tweets of the week


It’s back! One of the more popular features on Beyond Going Long over the years, it is Triathlon Tweets of the Week.

We all know pro triathletes LOVE Twitter, so here is our weekly digest of the best and most ridiculous tweets we spotted this week.

You are the voice of Ironman…


Still putting the soundtrack to the dreams of thousands of triathletes throughout the world, legendary announcer Mike Reilly looks back at his own, unique career

They are just four words delivered to the sound of a thumping base track but act as the elixir of life for even the weariest of triathletes as they enter the finishing chute.